When Should You Start Wearing Perfume?

Wearing Perfume

Wearing Perfume

There is no age appropriate time to start wearing perfume, as the variety of perfumes that are now available include fragrances that are mild enough for the younger customers. There was a time, when girls, for example could not wear perfumes, as they were too strong for them and would end up discolouring their clothing or burning their delicate skins. There were adults also, who could not wear perfumes, because it irritated their sinuses and caused other respiratory problems. The perfumers are now aware of that and have stepped up to the plate with the release of some of the milder fragrances that include flowers and softer base notes such as powder and lavender.

Girls used to use their mother’s perfumes without their knowledge, as they were not allowed to wear them before they attained a certain age. Some were allowed to at age 17, others after that, and they ones they were allowed to wear were extremely mild. Younger girls can now wear perfumes such as Exclamation, and other mildly scented perfumes. The younger celebrities have now added their names to perfumes that are appropriate for teenagers and more mature fans.

Some studies have shown that the ingredients or notes that are included in a perfume are catalysts for strong emotional feelings. This would not be appropriate for girls who are under a certain age, as they would not be mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with those emotions. For the younger girls, it is ultimately up to the parents to decide when she should start wearing perfume, as some will start earlier than others will.

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