Wear Yellow: The Fragrance Forecast for 2021

what are best perfumes for 2021

Each year PANTONE©, the leading authority on color trends, chooses hues that will be hot in beauty and fashion, film and art. They also are translated into perfume. 2021’s colors are grey and yellow, reflecting both practicality and bright optimism.  Here at Perfume.com, we show you how to color your world with scents that reflect the latest styles: the world could use some brightness, so let’s start by spritzing “yellow” …  and begin 2021 with a sunny outlook.

Try a mimosa centric perfume. This flower is shaped like a pom pom and are powdery puffs of puffs of sunshine, with soft tones of wood, mimosa is sweet and rich—a nearly perfect floral.


Versace Yellow Diamond is sparkling floral that is glamourous and glowing. Notes of fresh lemon and mimosa are prominent and are supported by bergamot and pear with radiant amber dry down, Yellow Diamond is a perfect perfume for 2021. Try Green Tea Mimosa from Elizabeth Arden in 2021.This sunny effervescent perfume for her is casual and relaxing with notes of mimosa and green tea. Perfect for a lazy Sunday

Ylang Ylang: Like the warm wind off a tropical island with just a hint of spice, ylang ylang carries the sweet, fresh scent of tropical flowers.

Visa by Piguet

Robert Piglet Visa(renamed V)is a cornucopia overflowing with ripe, juicy fruits: soft white peaches, sparkly pears, mouthwatering mandarins,  and sweet dripping plums. Buttery golden ylang ylang adds a tropical flair and hints of exotic spices.

Amarige is a ylang ylang perfume for 2021

Amarige by Givenchy, (an anagram for the French word for Marriage), originally created by French Perfumer Olivier Polge, is the drama queen of yellow floral fragrances with equally engaging notes of ylang-ylang and delectable mangos.

Lemon is a citrus that has a tart scent or can be sweet in a perfume, depending on how it used. Lemons are often a supporting ingredient for other citruses and can bring balance to florals.

best ylang ylang perfumes

Boucheron Eau Legere for her, with its sparkling facets citrus: lemon,  orange blossom and neroli is a dazzler. Light, with a hint of mystery, this twist on lush florals has notes of amber and creamy sandalwood. The modern oval flacon with its silver top and yellow/blue color evokes summer sun and starry skies.

Montale Lemon Line: Zest is the best!  The sweet/ tart aroma of lemon is blended with aromatic lavender in this niche perfume that is easily worn by both men and women. The sweet heart of white florals are bright and cheery  before drying down to a mossy musk.


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