Valentine’s Day: Best Rose Perfumes For Women

best rose perfumes for valentine's day

Classic, elegant, evocative, and richly floral – it’s nearly impossible to describe the scent of a rose fresh from the garden and just as difficult to capture that scent.  They are representative of love, of passion and of elegance.  Time to kiss and smell, this Valentine’s Day with our top rose perfume picks from

Guerlain Nahéma, which means “daughter of fire”, is  a tribute to love, a light that burns through the years, igniting the skin. This is a spiced fantasy rose, a storyteller’s dream, and the  essence of 1001 Nights.

Bulgari Rose Goldea

Rose Goldea by Bulgari is like wearing a gilded jewel an airy, dewy ode to the most romantic of flowers. Forget fussy; this is a modern rose with sensual notes of sandalwood and musk.

Best Valentine's day perfumes

Gift yourself or your beloved with Tresor Midnight Rose, the ultimate “la vie en rose” in a bottle. Juicy peach, pink peony, light woods and freshly cut roses evoke strolling in a moonlit garden. Can’t  get to Paris for a candlelit dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Not in the budget?  Yves St. Laurent Paris is the next best thing- a sophisticated floral perfume with notes of bergamot, powdery mimosa, rose de mai, the most expensive in the world, is as bright and effervescent as the City of Lights.

Jo malone Red roses review

Jo Malone Red Roses smells like a dozen long stemmed beauties and is scented love letter the queen of flowers. Sophisticated touches of  violet leaves and lemon leave their mark on the skin. Although the garden’s roses are just a memory, Michael Kors Rose Radiant  is a warm exotic floral with hints of spice and sparkle over a woodsy base.

best vintage perfumes

Occidental meets Oriental in the lush opulence of  Brosseau Ombre Rose.  A voluptuous head turner of a fragrance, this fragrance is an exotic dancer who teases and tantalizes with her heady aroma as she slowly divulge her secrets.  Veils of vanilla, and honey give way to the sensual scents of musk and cedarwood – deep, woody and enticing. Honeyed pipe tobacco swirls around sweet sugared almonds and opulent blossoms beckon in Sweet Oriental Dreams by Montale. Addictive seduction. 

aramis calligraphy rose for valentine's day

Aramis Calligraphy Rose from Estee Lauder unfurls, proud and bold.  It is deep red and  three dimensional with the addition of delicate lavender. Unexpected notes of basil and saffron d rests on a bed of amber. A commanding fragrance for the woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

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