The Heat is On: Best Winter Fragrances For Men and Women

Baby it is cold out there, so spritz a scent that that is hot but not heavy. The changing of the season from Fall to Winter means switching to a fragrance that is meant for cold weather. Our choices for the Best Winter Fragrances for Men and Women are seven designer scents that sizzle when the thermostat drops

Best Winter Fragrances for Women are scents dipped in gold.  Four gilt-y perfumed pleasures you will treasure all winter long.

Dior Addict is simply irresistible. This bright bouquet of orchids, rose, and violets are mellowed by woods and plum. Whether you are attending a holiday party or staying home with that someone special we think you will be “addict-ed” to this feminine fragrance by in house perfumer Francois Demachy.

A winter fragrance by Roberto Cavalli New will melt his heart. This amber floral says come hither long after the sun sets with notes of African orange flower, pink pepper, tonka bean and vanilla. You’ll Glow Girl from dusk to dawn.

 For gala events and New Year’s Eve, walk the red carpet with a spritz of The One by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s a striking oriental floral, with modern sensuality and a glamorous personality.  Wrap yourself in warm notes of amber and musk as you make your way through the paparazzi. 

 Kim Kardashian Gold serves a heaping spoon of sugar with your spice.  Kim Kardashian West has created a  versatile floral scent where Jasmine is the reality star.  Piquant pink pepper melds with grapefruit and a burst of bergamot. This is a perfume that bubbles with effervescence and sparkles with sexy sass. Take it on that beach vacation or create your own paradise at home.

Best Winter Fragrances for Men? Light his fire with these three smoldering scents:

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior has been worn by men in the know since 1988.  Fahrenheit starts out bright with a trace of forgotten florals of spring but turns into a long walk through winter woods at midnight wearing your warmest winter coat of leather, patchouli and musk.

Looking for cologne that is sporty and fresh but with a bit more heft? Try Big Pony  Red by Ralph Lauren. You’ll be at the top of your game in this woody citrus.

A scent you will want to wear all night long? La Nuit De L'homme by Yves St. Laurent is sophisticated cologne with a nocturnal blend of spiced cardamom ginger, aromatic basil, cedar, vetiver and a touch of sweetness from tonka bean. Give that man a floral with violet and lavender notes that are guaranteed to sweep her off her feet.

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