The Best Eau de Colognes for Men and Women

From the first Eau de Cologne created by Italian Jean-Maria Farina as a tribute to his birthplace in Cologne, Germany

Colognes have been popular through the ages. The word “Eau” mean water in French and implies a lighter formula. Eau de Colognes are usually composed of citrus, fruits, flowers and herbs and are not as heavy as perfumes and Eau de Perfumes. Refreshing, stimulating and easy to wear they are the perfect formulation for warm weather. Most Eau de Colognes are unisex and can be shared and should be splashed liberally. It is one of the only forms of fragrance that can be refrigerated!

When it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity, spending your summer in the city can overpower your senses. Stay cool with aromatic cologne like 4711 by Muehlans, a favorite since its creation in 1792. With  traditional herbal and citrus notes it is a modern classic for men and for women. It is truly an original.

Another classic of the bracing cologne style is Hermès Eau D'Orange Vert  by Françoise Caron (1979). However, it is more elegant than 4711. With the zest of the orange, lemon, and mandarin, this is a cologne to wear when you want to stay fresh but still make a great impression. A well-known Fragrance expert and evaluator wears this every day as it never overpowers.

Guerlain Eau de Cologne was created in the 1970s by Jean–Paul Guerlain and is based on a formula from his ancestor, Aime Guerlain, created in the 1800s.  Imagine a summer day when you sit under the shade of a lemon tree and the grass is green and there is a slight breeze. The notes for Eau de Guerlain are dominated by lemon, bergamot, verbena, neroli with thyme, oakmoss and tonka bean in the drydown. Housed in the classic bee bottle, which references Napoleon, this cologne is from one of the most important Houses in French perfumery.

Annick Goutal is credited for being one of the first niche perfume brands, and her first was Hadrien Eau de Cologne in 1981. Bright notes of lemon, grapefruit and citrus are at the top and the addition of Cypress adds a sophisticated green woody facet. There is a hint of floral brought by ylang ylang. It is as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer's day. So revered, it won a Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame Award in 2008.

Clarins introuduced Eau Dynamisante in 1987 and this eau de cologne changed how fragrance was worn.  It was the first fragrance and body treatment, a spa in a bottle with an invigorating aroma that also toned and moisturized. This stimulating  cologne for women and men is composed with citrus notes of orange, coriander, amalfi lemon and petitgrain; herbal notes of caraway, thyme and rosemary, a hint of  carnation and earthy patchouli.

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