Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Perfume Review

Even if you do not like her music you have to admit country singer Taylor Swift is a talented songwriter whose sense of style is age appropriate and fashionable—for some reason, don’t ask me why, I am a fan of her sweet, cute, feminine and not over-the-top look. I guess it is only makes sense then that her first perfume, Wonderstruck, mirrors her style.

Taylor Swift Perfume

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

Wonderstruck is marketed as a sparkly fragrance of bright fruits and flowers with soft vanilla and spices on a bed of gentle woods. At first sniff I found the fruits to be right at the top followed closely by the flowers, however, I thought the amber to be just a bit too heavy and drowned out the vanilla and spices.

Having said that, I had fully expected Wonderstruck to be very sweet and candy-like and more suited for a young lady given the design of the bottle, and was quite surprised when it was not and think it is quite suitable for light or casual daytime wear.

Housed in an iridescent purple and gold vessel that I found to be borderline tacky if you are not in your early twenties the bottle can be considered “cute-ish” with its hanging charms if you are into that sort of thing.

All in all I say Wonderstruck is definitely not your typical teenage fruity fragrance but comes across more like a delicate and soft scent—like a good herbal tea.

Though not original by any means it is fine for casual wear but you might want to think about something a touch more smoldering for date night.

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