The Scent of an Escape


Now is the time of year when everybody gets the urge to break up the humdrum reality of everyday living with a little vacation. Gone are the long, dreary winter days spent cooped up in the house; we can finally venture out into the world and take part in outdoor activities and adventures. Now is the time of year when everybody catches a bit of wanderlust and a need to break free from the repetition of day to day living.

For some of us, unfortunately, an indulgent journey may not be possible. Whether it be due to the fact that you spent your entire summer savings on perfume or you simply do not have the vacation days, you are not alone. Just because you can’t afford a trip right now doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on that familiar feeling of adventure mingled with relaxation.

Fragrances have the almost magical capability to transport us to another place. That is to say; the effect of fragrances on our olfactory system can create such strong imagery of another place that for a short time it may almost feel like an escape in itself. With a whiff of a certain scent, we can be taken on a sensational adventure without ever leaving home.

Even If you are fortunate enough for a little sojourn from the monotony of everyday life, undoubtedly we all must come back to reality and when that time comes, you can always carry with you a little semblance of that excitement even during the most mundane tasks. With a bit of imagination and the powerful imagery conjured by fragrance, you can always carry with you the essence of your summer getaway.


The word vacation (at least in western culture) seems to most often bring to mind a panoramic shot of a tropical getaway with crystal clear waters and palm trees. Creed’s Virgin Island Water is the bottled essence of this particular getaway. The outstanding elements of lime, rum and coconut embody that relaxation and feeling of burying your feet in the sand and lounging with a cool drink in hand.

Escada Taj Sunset is a fruitier tropical scent that is as juicy as a bite of fresh fruit in the summer sun. Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder is an excellent choice for men who want to capture the fresh, exotic vibe of a beach vacation. Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez has similar tropical elements to these scents as well as a warm musky vanilla dry down that makes it super sexy and intoxicating like summer nights spent dancing and partying. Coney Island by Bond No. 9 will transport you to a similar state of mind with its aquatic and boozy elements (think margaritas) it is truly the life of the party.


For a more demure, relaxing seaside vacation that involves a lot of yachting and lounging, you may want to lean more on the fresh, clean side of scent. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger immediately comes to mind when envisioning a preppy, peppy girl playing tennis and sailing. Tommy Hilfiger for Men reminds me of white collared shirts and sunglasses. They both have that distinct All American vibe that is crisp and clean.


If your dream vacation looks more like a cross country road trip; the widely recognized and slightly ambiguous gasoline note in Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit as well as the distinct rubber tire accord in Bvlgari Black will no doubt enhance your fantasy of long drives on the open road.

You may be the outdoorsy type and crave a bolder holiday like a thrilling foray into the wilderness. For the mountain climbing, camping types: Swiss Army is a fresh, intense and masculine that will transport you to a land of rugged terrain and clear blue skies. Pino Silvestre is also an excellent companion to a rugged hike through the woods that will make you feel at one with the elements.


Europe may be more of your cup of tea; exploring the cities and taking in the culture and history. Fragrances often thought of as “French” are full of alluring florals and musky, skin scent undertones like Joy by Jean PatouParis by Yves St. Laurent will give you that sophisticated, romantic and worldly vibe.

Fragrances typically thought of as “English” are generally fresh and preppy. These fragrances are often simple in composition with an undeniable elegance. Burberry London (New) for men and for women both capture the essence of the chic, fast paced and fashion forward city that they are named for.

Photo Credit: Jarret Stretch Photography

“Mediterranean” scents are more on the citrus and earthy side like Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi. This is a beautiful blend of fig notes and citrus that will have you on a journey down the Italian coast. Bvlgari for women also embodies that feminine and earthy vibe that is typical of Mediterranean scents.


Spicy and exotic oriental fragrances such as Kenzo Jungle Elephant conjure up images of a Moroccan spice market full of life, colors and scents. Spices, incense and oud are used in these “Arabian” scents to create a complex secret and sensual world. Arabie by Serge Lutens is the perfect scent to transport you to that mystical and fragrant getaway full of new experiences and exotic wonder.

With a little imagination and some help from our sense of smell, we can be transported to another place and get a brief reprieve from our reality.



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