Spray at Home While You Stay at Home: Bottled Memories

Best perfumes to wear when you stay at home

Perfumes to wear whne you are staying at home

 As most of us are only leaving our houses or dwellings only to pick up essentials, we may feel down or anxious, especially since we cannot be with family.  Perfume connects us to memories; of loved ones whether they be close of far away and friends.  Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Studies show that infants recognize the smell of their mother when they are in the womb long before they can see, hear, or touch. It has the power to trigger memories that bring the people we love to both our hearts and minds. At perfume.com, we have “perfume” in our very name. Make it a daily ritual to spray at home when you stay at home!

 Joy patou spray at home

Spray at home with Joy by Patou: Joy by Jean Patou, known for years as the most expensive perfume in the world. For just one ounce of the heavily floral scent, more than 10,000 jasmine flowers (known to uplift the spirits) and 28 dozen roses were  used  Joy went on to become one of the most successful fragrances of all time, voted Scent of the Century in 2000 at the Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards, the most prestigious perfume awards in the world.

givenchy linterdit is a perfect perfume to wear at home

Hubert de Givenchy created Givenchy L’Interdit (which means forbidden in French) for the great actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. A floral aldehyde, L’Interdit’s notes include bergamot (which is known for its anti-anxiety properties), rose, jasmine, iris, violet, narcissus, and sandalwood (which is used in prayer, mediation and to promote mental clarity).  This is a feminine classic perfume that is like receiving a virtual bouquet of flowers when you are staying at home.

 Chances are your mom or grandmother wore Jean Desprez Bal à Versailles. Wearing this oriental scent  is one way to bring memories of them closer as you stay at home.  The fragrance itself has been listed as a favorite of royalty and celebrities (Elizabeth Taylor is rumored to have given it  to Michael Jackson  who is said to have made it his signature scent).  The fragrance starts with a beautiful blast of bergamot complemented by various other citruses dressed in a mélange of light florals, powder, and a very distinct civet. Nowadays, it’s illegal to use real civet in perfume, but science has approximated it through skilled perfumers. The scent of civet is said to aid in sleeping difficulties.

 Remember the last time you saw your favorite uncle? It might have been years or just last Christmas, but you never forget his scent and that he loved a clean close shave at this neighborhood barbershop. Dunhill Man which was first launched in 1934, was recently formulated and still has that familiar scent of soapy lavender (calming), carnation, spices and  herbal clary sage (known to lower blood pressure and promote relaxation). It’s  like having him at  the dinner table next to you.


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