Red Carpet Fragrances – Award Winning Perfumes of 2018

Each year, The Fragrance Foundationin the USA gathers to vote on the best perfumes and colognes in a variety of categories. 2018’s gala event was held in New York City where celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Jane Krakowski walked the red carpet. At $5000 a seat, it’s an award ceremony for the rich and famous. You can wear the scents of the stars for a fraction of the cost, but don’t be surprised if the paparazzi follow you everywhere.

Gucci Bloom, composed by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas, took the award for Best Women’s Prestige Fragrance. This feminine white floral scent is a centered around tuberose. Exotic Notes of Rangoon Creeper (oanother name for Chinese Honeysuckle), was used for the first time in any perfume and adds spicy-sweetness. Jasmine buds and musk round out a fragrance which creates a blooming garden on your skin (even if you live in a big city). The Men’s Prestige fragrance award went to Y by YSL, a youthful twist on traditional men’s colognes. The opening pop with sparkling aldehydes and citrus before settling into a masculine amber and incense base.

Movie Star James Franco was featured in the advertising for this year’s Men’s Consumer’s Choice Coach for Men. Sophisticated and elegant, Coach for Men will transport you with its woody, clean scent that has a dash of spice,> No Doubt about it. it's a real crowd pleaser.

 Carolina Herrara Good Girl won the award for Best packaging in the Women’s category. Its tongue-in-chic flacon looks like a women’s black stiletto and doesn’t disappoint. It is a floral oriental, with feminine and sensuous notes of white flowers, tuberose, jasmine blended with edible vanilla and cinnamon. Yum. It is Good To Be Bad.

Calvin Klein Eternity received Best Media Campaign of the Year. A favorite since 1990, actor Jake Gyllenhaal shows the new face of this romantic men’s fragrance for a new generation of men who are sensitive but strong, refined by rough and above all a family man. This woody aromatic cologne opens with a burst of bergamot and hints of green juniper. Classic, timeless and iconic.

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