Purple Perfumes Reign in 2018: Best Violet and Iris Scents

Pantone © Ultra Violet

Each year Pantone©, the world’s leading color authority, chooses a color to represent the “mood” of the upcoming year. For 2018, the color is Ultra-Violet which represents imagination, ingenuity and visionary thinking. Putting the uncertainty of 2017 behind, us Ultra Violet evokes power.  

We predict that deep purple perfumes will reign, so get on trend and start the New Year with scents with violet and iris as key notes

Violets are often misunderstood. Many associate this dark purple flower with shyness and think violet perfumes are old-fashioned. Explore violet fragrances that are sophisticated and modern.

Marc Jacob Violet is a fresh soliflores, sheer and opalescent with playful citrus notes that float over a cloud of creamy vanilla. Soft, feminine, clean and sweet, this is a violet for  women who are young at heart.

With its unique botanical inspired flacon, Be Delicious City Blossom Urban Violet evokes a flower and fruit garden hidden  away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. An intriguing floral scent that opens with red apple blossom, mandarin and berries that bloom into the heart of aromatic violets and iris that drys down to a soft woody base.

For him, go with the cologne that expresses it all: Paco Rabonne UltraViolet– powerful and contemporary with notes of mint, vetiver and moss that smell futuristic. Explore the masculine side of a floral that is usually associated with feminine fragrances.

Iris is the flower of spring. In the language of flowers purple iris symbolizes compliments. Here are three Iris perfumes that will be sure to get their attention:

Iris Prima by Penhaligon: Master perfumer created as an olfactory homage to the English Royal Ballet. Notes of leather and orris dance a grand jete in this feminine fragrance. Iris takes center stage, eclipsing all around her with her natural grace and powdery charm.

Omnia Amethyste by Bulgari is spring in a bottle capturing the myriad scents of a blooming garden. The iris is sweet but strident surrounded roses, grassy notes and woods  A beautiful, youthful floral fragrance that smells elegant and refined and can be  that can be worn all year round

Put an Iris in his lapel with the elegant Dior Homme, a masculine scent with notes of bergamot, lavender, and sage. One of the first men’s colognes to use an iris not, leather, vetiver, and patchouli base supports the composition. A traditional scent turned upside down.


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