Our Perfume Picks for the Holiday Party Season

Our Perfume Picks for the Holiday Party Season

Once again the holidays are upon us and we find ourselves needing to make the rounds. Whether it be a casual get together or an all out formal affair we have compiled a list of a few of our favourites.

Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme Perfume

Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme by Diesel

Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme Perfume
A captivating and sexy elixir of blackcurrant, jasmine and patchouli this go to fragrance for any evening out is inspired by the scent of Venetian liqueur—mystifying and intoxicating. As the evening wears on Diesel Fuel for Life Pour Femme Perfume winds itself down to become a soft, effortless feminine scent.


Tresor (Lancome)
Like the face of its original model, Isabella Rosellini, Tresor is a very recognizable, classy yet approachable scent—perfect for those occasions we want others to come to us! Described by its creator as the ultimate “hug me” fragrance, Tresor is effortless and amicable with apricot blossoms and peach touched with soft flowers on a bed of woods and is the ideal scent to wear at any get together.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria Perfume for Women by Calvin Klein

Euphoria (Calvin Klein)
Suggestive, sultry and feminine to its core, Eurphoria creates a memorable impression and is strikingly confident. Top notes of pomegranate and persimmon balances a heart of assorted florals, finished by patchouli and woods. If you are feeling a little unsure of yourself, Euphoria will give you that extra little something to get you going on your merry way.

Rock ‘n Rose (Valentino)
Just as the name implies this perfume is perfect for those occasions where we know we will be having a rockin’ good time. Rock ‘n Rose is the perfect scent to compliment that party festive outfit where the rose overtones are tamed by the bergamot. Light and fresh this lively perfume is sure to be a hit among your fellow party goers.

Regardless of the scent you wear, holiday get togethers are the perfect occasions to try our a new scent or two with parties a-plenty and friends a-near.

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