New Fall Fragrances: The Best Autumn Colognes and Perfumes

Shadows grow long earlier every day, even when the sun is still shining brightly. We start to push our cheerful citruses aside and reach for more substantial scents. But fickle weather calls for new fall fragrances that that can bridge the gap between the last gasp of summer's humid breath and the frosty fingers of autumn. Here’s what is hot as the weather cools down.

Fall in love with a new fall fragrances: From the House of Hermes, the new Twilly, which was created for Millenials but is for women of all ages. Named for the scarf is a great transitional scent.  Creamy Tuberose adds its tropical beauty and is at the heart of this perfume. The Ginger supports the floral notes and adds a spicy and slightly citrus-vibe to the scent. The sandalwood in the base combines with both the tuberose and ginger notes to create a smooth-as-silk and gorgeous drydown. Grab your sweater and venture into the woods for a new fall fragrance: Estee Lauder Sensuous Perfume is a cozy and woody scent redolent of honey and seductive flowers that is sure to set her heart afire, especially during the longer chilly nights.

With equal parts summer breeze and turning leaves, Jo Malone Lily of The Valley and Ivy, with its green, slightly sweet scent is perfect for this time of the year. With its blend of ivy and soft lily, shimmering citrus and dark cassis, it is like wearing two fragrances at once, as if you stepped out of an English garden on your way to the ivy draped cottage.


Autumn is the perfect time to reach for Orientals as your new fall fragrances, which are exotic and mysterious as well as warm and opulent.They can be heavy and strong so opt for updated versions of the classics that are smolder without becoming overbearing. Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior with notes of fruity apricot, coconut, jasmine, rose and soft vanilla doesn’t overpower but  like its forbidden fruite flacon shaped like an apple is still a weapon of seduction.

For him,  Dolce and  Gabana Pour Homme Intenso  is sophisticated and self-assured with aromatic notes of lavender and  marigold are  deepened by suave patchouli, rich tobacco  and spicy  cardamom. This cologne is a stylish way to start the new season.


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