Movember 2018: Six Mo Fragrances For Men

Fragrances for Movember: Top Right- Salvador Dali and Freddy Mercury of Queen; Tom Selleck, Matthew McConaughey  and Burt Reynolds

“Movember” (“mo” from moustache and “ember” for November) is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. We chose six fabulous fragrances that is perfect for the man in your life, no facial hair required, using fragrances worn by actors and celebrities with famous moustaches!!.

One of the most iconic “mos” belonged to surreal artist and visionary Salvador Dali. Salvador, a spicy and aromatic fragrance with a touch of the forbidden absinthe, a liqueur that until recently was forbidden in France is sure to be his dream scent.

In 1979, Tom Selleck made his acting debut in a commercial for CHAZ. As Magnum P.I. and now is the Commissioner Gordon on Blue Bloods, this spicy aromatic scent with lavender, citrus and woods stands the test of time with add mo musk at the base for sexiness.

Actor Burt Reynolds was said to wear English Leather in the 1980s—to bed, with nothing else—and that seems like a perfect fit for the macho man.  It is classic but not old fashioned. One of the best tobacco scents since 1934, leather and vetiver add a decidedly “smoky” touch.

For the cologne connoisseur this Movember 2018, we suggest a classy spicy wood fragrance that is perfect for THE ONE. The One Cologne by Dolce & Gabbana, fronted by Matthew McConaughey is fashionable and worldly, for the man who is as comfortable in a bow tie as he is in cowboy boots.

Freddie Mercury was the legendary lead vocalist in the British rock group Queen. While he was outrageous and audacious, he wore a classic men’s cologne, Monsieur Givenchy, created in 1959 and released again in the 70s. A citrus aromatic with hints of cinnamon, barbershop lavender, and moss.  The surprise is the slightly animalic base. It still has its “Own kind of Magic”.

What could be more perfect for Movember 2018 than Moustache by Rochas, created by the great Edmond Roudnitska and in 1948? Lime, bergamot, pine, fruits, vetiver, moss and a hint of peach, Moustache is timeless cologne that harkens back to the great era of perfumery.

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