Kiss and Smell:  Unforgettable Fragrances for Valentine’s Day

the kiss

The sails of Cleopatra’s barge were drenched in perfume oils as she made her way down the Nile to meet Mark Antony.

The Empress Josephine doused the rooms of Malmaison with her personal scent so that Napoleon could not, would not forget her. At we believe it wasn’t Helen of Troy’s face that launched 1000 ships…it was her perfume. This Valentine’s Day it’s all about kiss and smell.


Bulgari Jasmine Noir

Jasmine perfumes contain indoles, aroma chemicals that are erotic and narcotic. One of the perfume oils that soaked Cleopatra’s sails? Jasmine of course.  Bulgari Jasmine Noir is a sultry, sensuous diva, dressed in satiny almond as she sings her opening notes of gardenia and licorice.  Before she takes her final bow she hits her high note of night blooming jasmine as the last bouquet is thrown.


Joy de Patou

 Patou Joy. During its time it was dubbed the costliest perfume in the world and its mix of jasmine three roses and  captiviating civet make it among the sexiest scents we know.

j muskmusk

Jovan Black Musk

Musk is believed to mimic the smell of testosterone and is the bad boy of fragrance. Jovan Black Musk is the king of the jungle. Dark,dangerous and distinctively masculine.


Musk doesn’t have to shout to be heard. Calvin Klein Obsession tames the beast, cleans him up and adds softer notes of lavender and herb then dresses him in warm spices. Subtle, masculine and still a sexy beast.


Emporio Armani for Her

If you think vanilla is for kids, think again. Long touted as an aphrodisiac studies show that men are aroused by its scent. Skip the candy and go sexy not foody. Emporio Armani by Armani.  Intoxicating white florals are perfectly balanced by creamy sandalwood, rich amber and woods. Exotic and enticing.

boise v

Montale Boise Vanille

Montale Boise Vanille is a sophisticated gourmand that strikes the right balance between sweet and smoky, bashful and boozy. Sugar and Spice, naughty and nice with Jamaican pepper, Iris, geranium bourbon with an earthy drydown of patchouli. Tres chic.


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