Introduction to Green Fragrances


Without a doubt, the thought of a green scent will conjure up a variety of images such as freshly cut grass, rich green foliage, an herb garden or a forest. The relating picture will range from person to person but there is generally a mental image associated with the color green when referring to scent. This image is likely an earthy one as the color green is most often associated with plants, trees, budding flowers and grass.

Fragrances described as green fall under the larger fragrance category of “fresh” scents as do aquatics and citrus fragrances. It may still seem strange to be describing a smell with a visual association but the word in this case encompasses a wide variety of “green” notes that include but are not limited to: grasses, moss, herbs (such as mint and basil), teas and bamboo.

I personally love the smell of freshly cut grass and even dirt, it reminds me of gardening with my mom as a child. Scents like L’eau De L’artisan rich with basil, mint, marjoram and verbena particularly conjure up the image of a freshly watered herb garden.  At this point you may be getting an Earth mother-flower child vibe and in some fragrances, this would be an accurate embodiment. In actuality, green fragrances have long been seen as very sophisticated scents in the case of fragrances such as Safari by Ralph Lauren which is a striking and elegant green queen. Scents such as this bring to mind proper ladies and gentlemen having tea in the garden as opposed to barefoot children playing in a field.

garden party

Many people also describe fragrances that include green notes as “sporty” for their invigorating, fresh, pick me up affect that mimics the rush of endorphins one might get when doing physical activity. This can be a bit of a turn off to those of us who often got hit with the ball during gym class, however, perception of the fragrance is all about the wearer. Individuals will get completely different feelings from the same notes. That is one of the many beautiful things about fragrances, there is always room for interpretation.

I have listed a variety of fragrances with green notes from earthy to herbal, relaxed to sporty. There is a large spectrum within the world of green notes and something for everybody to enjoy.

61792Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

This delicate delight is the perfect scent for lounging in the backyard or pruning your plants. This scent embodies what I personally think of as a “green” fragrance. This is earthy and lovely like the smell of a wet garden. It makes for a really unique and attractive signature scent and is a breath of fresh air in the warmer months.



CPW34Calyx by Clinique

This is the kind of fragrance that I would definitely describe as “sporty”.  It is a bright, sunny scent that would go well with a pair of jeans or a sundress. This is also a great scent to wear on a really hot day that won’t become overwhelming even in the oppressive summer heat and will give you a refreshing kick with every spritz.



WDIORIDiorissimo by Christian Dior

Class in a bottle; this is a relaxing stroll through a well-kept garden with plush greenery under foot. It is sensual in a quiet way. If you are not into the heavy florals and super sweet scents that inundate the market lately, this fragrance is the perfect pick to stand apart from the crowd.



ASE17WA Scent by Issey Miyake

Modern, simple, easily worn and likeable; this is a great scent to welcome you to the world of green notes. This modest composition can be worn casually or can be dressed up. The dry down is pleasant and unassuming and will leave you with an uplifting freshness throughout the day.



W140794SSilences by Jacomo

This is a complex and gorgeous blend of greenery with a deep, earthy air of sensuality. This scent is dark green and dense like a forest but blended with soft woods and florals to make a very elegant and slightly mysterious fragrance.




BULCS25WBvlgari Eau Parfumee (Green Tea) by Bvlgari

A light combination of citrus and green notes, this is a very versatile unisex and the remedy to freshen up on a hot, sticky day. There is a relaxing effect to this scent making it a great fragrance for lazy days around the house with the windows open basking in the sweet summer air.



MESENCIAEsencia by Loewe

This strong masculine scent is powerful in its deeply rich elegance. This is an excellent fragrance for a confident and sophisticated man. It brings to mind the rich scent of a forest and a man who can build a log cabin with his bare hands.




M123656PPaul Smith by Paul Smith

This is a masculine mixture of spices and herbs that form a refreshing fragrance that any man can enjoy. This is a clean take on green that can be easily worn at the office and any time of day.





21268M6212 for Men by Carolina Herrera

This is a fresh, spicy, green mixture that has universal appeal. The composition is an intense and interesting mixture of herbs and spices blended in a way to create a very popular and attractive men’s fragrance. It is long lasting and masculine but unobtrusive enough to wear well in the summertime.



TRUEREL34MTrue Religion by True Religion

This fragrance is composed of simple notes that are combined in a way that create a really crisp, masculine and earthy scent. I envision a man who is outdoorsy and adventurous wearing this fragrance while rock climbing.





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