Introduction to Aquatics


The fragrance category of “aquatic” scents is relatively new in the perfume world. This classification generally refers to a traditional fresh or floral composition that is enhanced by marine notes during the evaporation process. This particular group of scents offers a lot of excellent options for the warmer months as these marine notes tend to be quite complementary with the hot summer sun and long days at the beach.

Marine notes add a bright, fresh and natural touch to fragrances. Examples of marine notes would be sea water, ocean breeze, algae, sea weed, drift wood and sand. These elements are obviously reminiscent of the beach and sea, hence the “marine” classification. The explanation of this particular category of notes is difficult to translate to words so it may seem vague but the impact on your olfactory system is undeniable. These scents will instantly transport you to a world of fresh breeze and salty air.

Aquatic scents are often thought of as a masculine category but I believe that the naturalistic touch of sand and sea can also be quite feminine and sensual. The image of a mermaid dripping with sea water, skin glistening in the sun comes to mind. There is a magical and mysterious quality to these marine elements that are absolutely intriguing to the senses when blended with the natural scent of your skin.

I have compiled a list of various aquatic fragrances to help you get your feet wet and delve into this new and exciting realm of sparkling and fascinating scents.

W134144LL’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake

This fragrance was conceived in 1992 and is widely recognized as the original aquatic fragrance for women. The scent was created to mimic the scent of a waterfall and certainly graces the wearer with a beautiful, light and watery feel. It was the first of its kind and ushered in an era of aquatic feeling fragrances for women. This scent has now become iconic; a modern classic that is instantly recognizable for its clean, fresh and feminine feel.



WCOOLWCool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water may be the most predictable pick but, honestly, it will make you smell like the beach! You will carry the essence of the ocean wherever you go. There is certainly a reason that this is the quintessential aquatic fragrance for women. The clever blend of fruits and florals come together to form a wonderfully fresh summer scent.


 MM34WEPM by Mariah Carey

Although not classified as an aquatic fragrance, this is an excellent pick to begin your flirtation with marine notes. There is an undeniable element of sea water that adds a salty and light touch to the composition of this scent especially when blended with the fluffy sweetness of the marshmallow note.



RCAVA3OZWRoberto Cavalli Acqua

Super fresh and cool with a refined and sophisticated feel; this is a classy aquatic for all your summertime festivities. The simple composition of notes are blended perfectly in a way that creates a chic and stylish scent.





L’eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo

This is a unique take on aquatic fresh fragrances. It manages to be noticeably unique and enchanting without being offensive or cloying in hot weather. The composition of soft florals and lush greenery complemented by a bit of herbal spice make for an effortlessly cool summer scent. This is a great pick for a clean smell that stands out from the crowd.

MACQUAAcqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Everybody loves this scent; it is an easy to wear combination of citrusy, aromatic and marine elements. The invigorating sharp citrus mixed with the sea elements creates a picture of a breezy day at sea with the warm sun shining. It is fresh, crisp and seems to be flattering on all men who wear it; young or old. The fragrance is so classic, powerful and undoubtedly masculine.




Aqua Pour Homme by Bvlgari

This is an undeniably aquatic scent with its notable seaweed and water elements at the heart of the composition. It is like a refreshing dip in the ocean and mimics the saltiness of your skin after said dip in the dry down of the fragrance.


VOYAMSNautica Voyage by Nautica

This is an easy to wear light fragrance that is inoffensive yet attractive with its combination of green and watery notes. This is an excellent pick for the hottest summer days to keep smelling fresh and clean.





CURVAPMWCurve Appeal by Liz Claiborne

A great summer scent with its refreshingly juicy element of watermelon blended with the scent of the sea. There is a subtle sweetness but overall the scent is fresh and bright. It makes for lovely casual wear any time of year but is particularly attractive in the summer months.




M164716KKenzo Pour Homme by Kenzo

One of my personal favorite men’s fragrances any time of year; this scent is so romantic in an earthy and natural way. This one is not full of the usual citrus so it has a deeper more luxurious feel to it. The masculine woodsy body is blended with distinct sea notes to create a uniquely alluring and refreshing scent.

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