How to Find Your Signature Scent

It was the designer Christian Dior who said “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”   Your fragrance is a conversation with  others without saying a word. It announces your presence and remains in a room after you have left. Everyone has a scent print, as unique as a finger print that is theirs alone. Choosing a signature fragrance can be daunting with the hundreds of perfumes and colognes. Four tips to help you  discover the scent that speaks to and about you.

Know what you like: Do you gravitate to fresh fragrances, florals or heady Orientals? Knowing what you notes works for you (or don’t) is a good first step. If you are new to perfume think of aromas that appeal to you. The scent of the ocean, the memory of a favorite vacation, burying your nose in a bouquet of roses, freshly baked goodies or a walk through a forest.

If you love the smell of a tropical vacation try Escada Ocean Lounge. If he is more comfortable on a surfboard than surfing the net Nautica Voyage will suit his style. Take a walk through a sunlit garden with Flora by Gucci with notes of peonies and red roses. No one wants to smell like a cookie or a cupcake, so if you love the scent of vanilla try Coty Vanilla Musk, which is creamy and sexy with a bit of musk

What’s your personality?  Are you trendy? Try the new Miu Miu  from Prada, a perfume with contrasting floral and wood notes of rose, jasmine and sandalwood that is stylish but fun. If you never leave the house without red lipstick and high heels try Versace Vanitas  a “notice me” blend of heady white flowers with a sultry woody drydown.  If he is a modern day knight in shining armor,   powerful but tender, Givenchy Gentleman ‘s blend of leather, woody spice and musk would suit him just fine.

People are Talking: Try two or three perfumes or colognes. Wear one at a time to a party or to work. Which fragrance gets compliments? How you smell to others is important, and a good way to find your signature scent. A stylish editor we know wears Michael Kors, a sophisticated white floral and is stopped everywhere she goes. Another fragrance that turns heads is Lolita Lempicka,  a floral gourmand with notes of vanilla and violet that is irresistible. Rumor has it that P. Diddy liked a very expensive French cologne and asked his perfumer to recreate it. Unforgivable for Men is a show stopper, a fougere with a twist of gin and juniper.

Wear Classics: There is a reason best selling perfumes are worn by generations of men and women.   Worth Je Reviens when translated means “I am returning” symbolizes both the past and the present.  Created in 1932, Je Reviens is one of the rare perfumes to focus on narcissus. Sparkling aldehydes and spicy clove meet in a fragrance you will return to again and again. Davidoff Coolwater was launched in 1988 by award winning perfumer Pierre Boudon and its fresh aquatic scent accented with mint and lavender is a perennial favorite. Guerlain’s legendary Shalimar was created by Jaques Guerlain as an ode to the Taj Mahal in 1926. An Oriental that combined vanilla, florals and citrus notes resting on a languorous  bed of amber was revolutionary in its day and still smells modern and daring.

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