Gourmand Fragrances for Autumn

Best gourmand fragrances and perfumes

Best gourmand fragrances for autumn

The autumn chill has set in, and it is time to reach for gourmand fragrances. These scents evoke our favorite comfort foods, smell almost edible and feature notes such as vanilla, caramel, milky, licorice, almonds and coffee. But no one wants to smell like a 12 year old unless you are a teenager so try these gourmand fragrances for grownups.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel was the first gourmand fragrance, created in 1992 by Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp, who recently won a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Thierry Mugler wanted to recall the French fairs of his childhood where he delighted in eating cotton candy. The spun sugar heart is combined with a deep rich patchouli that makes this both a sweet and sensuous adult perfume.  Thierry Mugler changes the game once again with Angel Muse composed by young scent star Quentin Bisch of Givaudan. Angel Muse is the first gourmand perfume to use vetiver, and is a next generation, “out of this world” take on the core notes of hazelnut, cream and candy floss.

best gourmand fragrances for men

Vanilla can add a slightly sweet touch to lighter men’s colognes. Caron Pour Homme anchors lavender, and musk is perfect for cooler weather when your cheerful colognes feel too summery. If your man loves coffee, he is sure to love Rochas Man, which is a refined twist on gourmand fragrances with creamy sandalwood and aromatic lavender.

prada candy review

Prada Candy:  This is one of our favorite gourmand fragrances for women. Never has condensed milk and vanilla smelled so chic. More coquette than cookie, dark vanilla adds a flirty and spirited touch. Master perfumer, Maurice Roucel wanted to create a sweet seductive scent that would use gourmand notes such as vanilla and licorice in a sophisticated way. Lolita Lempicka is decadently indulgent and a fragrant temptress.

Best niche gourmand fragrances

Serge Lutens is one of the most famous niche perfumeries in all of Paris known for exotic oriental fragrances. Translated from the French Jeux de Peu,  means skin games, but this niche gourmand perfume evokes the finest French toast just turning golden in a skillet and then sweetened with condensed milk.  You won’t smell like breakfast, as it also plays games with sandalwood, spices, chicory, licorice, and buttery notes.


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