Fragrances of the Zodiac: Taurus Edition!

Hey everyone! Last month, I talked about perfumes and colognes that can be associated with the zodiac sign Aries. Well, last Thursday, the sun transitioned from the constellation Aries to the next sign in the Zodiac, Taurus the Bull.

I have a lot of Taurian folks in my life, so I can definitely say that these folks make great, steadfast friends, and have a taste for high quality things in life. As such, I can recommend only the best in return. If you have a friend or loved one whose birthday is between now and May 20th, take a look at some of these fragrances and see if one of them might just be the perfect birthday scent for them!

Since Taurians have a taste for luxury, I can’t help but associate notes like leather, suede, cherry, high-quality rose notes, and certain alcoholic notes like rum and red wine, with the sign.

The Demeter brand includes several fragrances to suit these notes, including their Bulgarian Rose and Barbados Cherry scents. This line is known for carrying a wide selection of fairly simple fragrances, and a Taurus is bound to appreciate that simplicity.

A higher-end option, pricewise — suited best for Taurians who maybe already have a collection of fragrances at home — is Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede fragrance. Peony & Blush Suede has a lovely set of floral notes to offset that strong suede accord, and the scent was developed by acclaimed perfumer Christine Nagel.

If your Taurian friend has more old-school sensibilities — as some do — you really can’t go wrong with the inimitable Chanel No. 5. While it’s more musky than others on this list, the connotation of luxury and glamour associated with this fragrance makes this fragrance a must-try for all Taurians.

Finally, for the gentlemen specifically, I strongly recommend the Dark Rebel line by John Varvatos. Dark Rebel and Dark Rebel Rider are leathery and have a strong rum note to them. Slightly darker than other entries on this list, I think the scent suits self-confident, attractive men who know what they want and don’t need anyone’s validation — a stubborn self-confidence that I associate with Taurians in particular.

That’s all for today! Thanks for taking a moment to read this post, and all of these fragrances are available at!

Murphy Leigh

A perfume expert and videographer, Murphy favors scents with minty, sporty notes, or that have cherries in them.

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