Fragrances and the Zodiac: Scorpio Edition

Hey everyone, and welcome to this installment of the 'Fragrances of the Zodiac' post series!  This month we're going to be looking at fragrances for Scorpios!  Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac, and is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars.

People born under this sign are known for their secretive, passionate natures — the Scorpion that symbolizes this sign is particularly apt; a Scorpio's shell is tough to get inside, and they can be vicious in defense of their secrets and the things they're passionate about.  Scorpios are often said to be particularly passionate lovers, and in any case, they're very assertive, brave, and stubborn.  If a Scorpio calls you friend, they mean it.

This month, I'd like to share five fragrances that I associate with Scorpios, and the symbols associated with the sign.  As always, you can buy all of these here on!

1) and 2) Myths Man and Myths Woman by Amouage.

Let's start with a pair of fragrances meant to go together.  While a floral may not be your first guess at a Scorpio-appropriate scent, the Myths fragrances have significant chrysanthemum notes, and Chrysanthemum is the symbolic flower for the sign.  Other particularly Scorpio notes include ash, leather, and orris root for Myths Man and leather, amberis, and narcissus for Myths Woman.  

3) Royall Muske by Royall

This men's fragrance is a classic, beloved musk scent.  Scorpios are often associated with powerful sexuality, and musk is a note that often does that in perfumes and colognes.  Like many musks, Royall Muske is extremely masculine, and a lot of people are reminded of the iconic Old Spice scent when smelling it for the first time.  

4) Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Scorpios are similar to Tauruses in the way they tend to enjoy luxury.  In that vein, I thought it appropriate to suggest Black Orchid as a great date night option for women, especially during Scorpio season.  The most overt notes in this one are chocolate, orchid, tuber, vanilla, incense, and patchouli.  Opulent and dark, I recommend this for the kind of woman who wants to be attractive to a Scorpio, as well as for the Scorpio woman herself.

5) Oud & Rose by S.T. Dupont 

Now, rounding out the fragrances here is a unisex scent by ST Dupont.  Oud and Rose is a beautiful mix of masculine oud and feminine rose, and I think that that mysterious mixture is perfect for Scorpios, especially as a nighttime fragrance.

Murphy Leigh

A perfume expert and videographer, Murphy favors scents with minty, sporty notes, or that have cherries in them.

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