Fragrances and the Zodiac: Aries Edition

With the start of spring, the traditional Zodiac calendar turns over to the sun sign of Aries. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries people are known for being visionaries and leaders in their fields — people like Thomas Jefferson (who, fun fact, shares my birthday!), Russell Crowe, Marc Jacobs, Emma Watson, and Céline Dion — and for being somewhat combative.

Fragrances that suit Aries people are often as sharp and intense as we are, so here’s a selection of fragrances that would make great birthday presents for the Aries people in your life!

First, fragrances with a lot of spicy notes like incense and cardamom and cloves evoke the heat associated with the ruling element of Aries, fire. As such, you might want to take a look at Coco by Chanel, which has a strong clove note that mixes with coriander, orange, roses, and jasmine. It’s perfect for nighttime wear, and was an Eighties staple associated with powerful women.

A bottle and box of Coco by Chanel

Coco by Chanel, in its EDP form.

Another quality among Aries people is that they enjoy being trendsetters, or making unusual choices. Some unusual notes that an Aries might enjoy include absinthe, solar notes, or metallic notes like aluminum. Metallic notes are fairly rare, but Ferrari’s Ferrari Scuderia Racing Red, a men’s scent, contains the note and comes in a gorgeous red flacon — and red is one of the colors that tends to work best for Aries people, anyway.

A bottle and box of Ferrari Scuderia Racing Red Cologne by Ferrari

Ferrari Scuderia Racing Red Cologne by Ferrari

As for solar notes, Forever Sexy by Victoria’s Secret is a heavily citrus and solar concoction, attention-grabbing and sensual. Spritz this on an Aries woman, and she’ll smell as unstoppable as she seems in everything else.

A box and bottle of Forever Sexy by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret's Forever Sexy

Absinthe notes are more suited for less overtly exuberant Aries people — because they do exist, often with other zodiac signs dominating the rest of their zodiac chart — because the liquor has a storied history and a delicious anise scent to it. My personal favorite scent containing absinthe would have to be Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox, the acclaimed producers of Swiss Army knives. This fragrance has absinthe and lavender at its heart, and is classically masculine, including notes like amber and fir. And, at roughly twenty dollars a bottle, this fragrance is perfect for those on a budget!

A box and bottle of Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox.

Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox

Hope you enjoyed this article — please check out all of these fragrances; who knows, you might even find your new favorite among them, or the perfect gift for someone whose birthday is fast approaching!

Murphy Leigh

A perfume expert and videographer, Murphy favors scents with minty, sporty notes, or that have cherries in them.

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