Five Classic Perfumes and Colognes You Should be Wearing

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Rita Hayworth

There is resurgence in vintage fragrances created by master perfumers of the 20th century.  These are five perfumes that have stood the test of time and ones we return to again and again.


L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci was created in 1948 by Francis Fabron, (its iconic flacon has two intertwining doves as the stopper) is a joyous fruit floral garland laden with peach, rose, jasmine with a subtle clove/carnation note. Over 65 years later it still is the House of Ricci’s most popular and beloved perfume.


Launched in 1976, First Van Cleef & Arpels was and true to its name was the first perfume from a luxury jewelry company and was the first major fragrance created by legendary perfumer Jean Claude Ellena (who was the in house perfumer for Hermes from 2004-2016).  First sparkles like a rare jewel. From its opening of  an aldehydic top evoking the finest champagne then bursting into fresh floral notes of rose, iris and orchid enveloped by peach and lemon and a green accord. The epitome of glamour and elegance.

old spice

Old Spice  is the scented symbol of woody spicy masculine colognes since 1934.  Generations of fragrance lovers admire Old Spice for its old-world charm and is still the go to for today’s modern man.

 halston ad80s

In 1975, at the height of disco nights at Studio 54, the designer Halston created his namesake perfume with Berard Chant and housed it in the unforgettable flacon designed by his muse, model and jeweler Elsa Perreti.  In its day  it becamethe second highest selling perfume in history only behind Chanel No. 5!  Anybody who was anybody was wearing it from the designer’s models and friends including Jerry Hall and  Liza Minelli it’s character is bold and strong and wants to be noticed. The opening is very  green mixed with light citrus, peach, ylang ylang, and  Iris with a base of earthy  oakmoss. Halston is a Chypre Floral to be reckoned with.

ck onekate

CK 1 changed  marketing perfume in  1994 when this androgynous  fragrance with its gender neutral scent composed by master perfumers Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas. Composed with fresh and citrus  notes with a hint of musk housed in a utilitarian  bottle that was designed to appeal to boys, girls and just about anyone who was hip at the time.  Leave it to Calvin Klein to make it  sexy with ads featuring grunge clad models like Kate Moss. Over twenty years old  and still a top seller.

Let’s go retro… and you will always be in style.

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