Falling In Love With Fall Fragrances: Orientals and Gourmands


Autumn brings the chilly temperatures, changing leaves, Orientals, the exotic Queens of Kings of Perfumery.  Rich resins, opulent flowers, sensuous spices, magnificent musks and voluptuous vanilla are layered over bright fruit and citrus notes and wrap us in their luxurious embrace.


A gourmand is scent that has notes that seem edible.  Instead of diving into your kids’ trick or treat bag, reach for a fragrance that will have your nose glued to your wrist.  Think of them as guilt free indulgence for fall.


The grand Empress of all Orientals is Guerlain Shalimar, created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain. The rich powdery vanillic perfume is as legendary as its inspiration- The Taj Mahal.  A haunting beauty touched by autumnal darkness.  She walks in balsamic beauty like the night, her cloak of rose velvet slipping from her shoulders.


Alien night blooming flowers scent a moonlit garden as pale moths beat their powdered wings intoxicated by Pure Poison, a floral oriental.  Notes of sheer jasmine, heady gardenia and translucent orange blossom surrender to the charms of amber, musk and sandalwood in this delicate, but erotic fragrance for women.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

A bright star in the Oriental perfume firmament is Thierry Mugler Angel, created by Olivier Cresp in 1992, which was as daring in its own way as Shalimar. What begins as a fruity floral becomes something all together foreign.   Patchouli dark and delightfully dirty adds depth to berry and candy floss notes.  Amber, tonka bean, smoky vanilla and sultry musk wrap around gourmand notes of chocolate, with all its sinful creaminess, and caramel, sticky and smooth.


Another delicious delight is Escada Desire Me.  A fruity heart opens to tiramisu, coffee,cheese-cake and dark chocolate.  For him, Yacht Men Chocolate    with notes of cloves and nutmeg is perfect for a sophisticated gent.


Dolce Vita in Italian means the Sweet Life. La Vie Est Belle  floats on a vanilla cloud as notes of black currant and praline remind you of a candy store, but has a flirty feminine vibe that is all woman. For him, we recommend Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb. The spice in its name isn’t the burn your tongue Tabasco sauce kind.. Masculine leather tinged by cinnamon and saffron gets its heat from a pinch of pepper. The dry down is a warm vanilla amber. Guys, you may have to hide your bottle, because she’ll want to wear it too.


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