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The  slow march from summer into fall is upon us, and along with the changing leaves and cooler weather, it’s time to change your scent. As the evenings get darker it is time to put away your light, fresh summer colognes and opt for heavier fragrances that still work during the warmer days. Rich resins, opulent flowers, sensuous spices, magnificent musks and voluptuous vanilla are layered over bright fruit and citrus notes then wrap us in their luxurious embrace. Look for notes of wood, patchouli, amber and musk at the base; all are perfect for sweater weather.

The brightest scent star in the autumn sky is Thierry Mugler Angel created by Olivier Cresp in 1992. What begins as a fruity floral becomes something altogether foreign. Patchouli dark and delightfully dirty, adds depth to berry and candy floss notes. Amber, tonka bean, smoky vanilla and sultry musk wrap around gourmand notes of chocolate, with all its sinful creaminess, and caramel, sticky and smooth.


Cult favorite Donna Karan Cashmere Mist  wraps you in a warm and scented hug. Musk, sandalwood and amber notes glide across your skin, smooth as silk. Jasmine and lily of the valley are gentle reminders of the halcyon days of summer.

For Him, Narciso Rodriguez for men is an elegant scent that is at its best in cooler climes. It is said that this masculine fragrance is based on the fashion designer's own personal fragrance, which always garnered him complimens from his celebrity clients. Musk, patchouli and ambery accords are balanced by fresh violet leaves. A perfect transition scent from summer for fall.

One of our favorite feminine fragrances for fall is Mon Jasmine Noir by Bulgari. Warm woody, with a slightly husky musk heightens the titular jasmine and the lilt of lily lifts this scent at the top, which is lovely during the day before  the temperature drops. This full-bodied perfume lingers long after you leave the room.

Guerlain Shalimar, created in 1925 by the French perfumer Jacques Guerlain, is a rich powdery vanillic perfume that is as legendary as its inspiration- The Taj Mahal. A haunting beauty touched by autumnal darkness.  She walks in balsamic beauty like the night, her cloak of rose velvet slipping from her shoulders.

There is nothing “dirty smelling” about Dirty English for him, which is actually a classic leather/spice fragrance with a modern twist of citrus and cardamom. Very masculine and distinctive with a wonderful woody drydown, Dirty English is great for office and casual wear…and just as appropriate for a date or an evening out.


Beyonce Heat Kissed is a top pick for cooler autumn nights when you and your guy are all alone. This seductive vanilla Oriental by one of the world’s most glamorous pop stars starts out lush with mango and rose then is warmed by sensual sandalwood and a sweet but not girly vanilla. No fireplace required.

Alien night blooming flowers scent a moonlit garden as pale moths beat their powdered wings intoxicated by DIOR Pure Poison, a floral oriental.  Notes of sheer jasmine, heady gardenia and translucent orange blossom surrender to the charms of amber, musk and sandalwood in this delicate, but erotic fragrance for women.

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