Eau de Celebrity Anyone?

Though celebrity fragrances may not actually be the smell of our much loved stars, it does however provide a connection of sorts to them and that is what sells! Perfume companies such as Avon, Coty and Elizabeth Arden see great value in partnering with celebrities as the fame and recognition they bring into the relationship goes a long way even before marketing for the scent begins. As celebrities already live their lives in the limelight and come with an established fan base, their fragrances are almost always guaranteed to sell to this dedicated group regardless of how it smells. Social media tools such as Twitter, Face Book and YouTube, not to mention the various blogs out in cyberland, are awash with information on any given celebrity, and what better way to advertise or market a product than with these tools—oh yeah…did we mention that this was at virtually no charge to the perfume company?

Fame by Lady Gaga perfume

The association of beauty and glamour to a celebrity is often the selling point of a fragrance. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor has been a best seller since it debuted in 1991 and continues to be so even after her death, and though it is a very appealing scent on its own, it is for many forever linked with the glamour of her youth. Among the newer fragrances Driven, by Derek Jeter, is also a top seller. This is not to say that the armchair athlete who wears his cologne seeks to emulate his prowess on the baseball field, but rather it is his persona that helps promote and sell his cologne. Oftentimes fragrances for men are bought by women for their boyfriends and husbands, and in instances such as this, athletic ability takes a back seat to the overall outward appeal of the athlete as a whole.

In some countries around the world putting on a fragrance in the morning is a part of the daily routine, however, this habit has never really caught on inNorth America. What better way to start a trend, which would hopefully lead to a lifelong habit, than with the young or young at heart. Many younger celebrities have been jumping onto the fragrance wagon in recent years which has been an added boost to the industry—especially in theUnited States. As their time in the limelight or achievements as a celebrity are not as grand as that of an Elizabeth Taylor or a Derek Jeter, newer celebrities may need to rely more on a gimmick, an event or some type of tie in to anchor their perfume. Katy Perry perfumes are known for their feline themed vessels while Gwen Stefani has her scents in bottles styled after the fashionable girls found in the popular Shibuya area of Harajuku Tokyo. Beyoncé’s first perfume was inspired by her 2010 tour while P. Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy/Sean John Combs has anchored his perfumes and colognes onto his fashion empire.

Regardless of how a fragrance is presented, marketed and even smells, celebrity scents have become big business as fans clamor to purchase an affordable piece of their favorite celebrity in the belief that this will bring them just a bit closer to their hero.


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