Cooling Scents for Summer

Cooling scents for summer

When the thermostat starts to climb it’s time to reach for cooling summer scents that are bright and invigorating. Whether you enjoy fruity, floral, citrus or the smell of the ocean itself, fragrance is a great way to keep when it’s hot. Six cooling scents to spritz when the heat is on:

Fruity fragrances shouldn’t smell like your 12 yr old’s chewing gum. Reach for sophisticated fruity floral cooling scents.  Hermes Un Jardins Sur le Toit was inspired by the roof tops of Paris with notes of crisp apple and pear and light magnolia.

We love Michael Kors Coral is lush, slightly sweet yet light enough for day and sexy enough for summer nights.  Sparkling citrus gives way to lemon. Tuberose dances with orange blossom at its floral heart. With notes of sweet orange, mandarin, green leaf and water lily, Burberry Summer is a playful scent that is the equivalent of your favorite sundress. For work or play,a real compliment getter. The soft blend of citrus peel and green tea in Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is light and airy. A double dose of lemon and a pinch of peppermint take you to a shady hammock on a hot humid summer day.

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Opt for cooling scents inspired by the ocean or the sea, L’Eau D’Issey, (is actually named for the famous French “issey” water. It is an invigorating marine fragrance with hints of citrus and woods that keep it masculine.  For him and for her, CK One Summer is a tropical vacation even if you are land-locked.  The sea breeze accord and notes of tangerine and kiwi makes you feels like you are sipping a fancy cocktail on an exotic beach. Pull up a lounge chair for the man in your life as this is cologne that can be shared.

The Mediterranean is famous for their eau fraiches and light colognes, fragrances that combine citrus and florals.  For him, we recommend Ermenegildo Zegna Mediterranean Neroli that is like a trip to the coast of Southern Italy where the slightly floral bergamot fruit ripen, the scent  carries on the summer breeze. Spearmint and lavender add an aromatic touch. You will feel like you are in a garden by the sea.


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