Best Vintage Perfumes At Affordable Prices

Best vintage perfumes at affordable prices

 best vintage perfumes

Fashion and Fragrance have gone hand in hand since Marie Antoinette spent a fortune on a wardrobe master and a personal perfumer. Every generation can recall and identify with the icons of the time and for every evolution in fashion, from the crinolines of the Victorian Era to the everyday glamour of the 1950’s, the distinctive chic of by gone eras are linked  to memorable vintage perfumes. A beautiful fragrance never goes out of style or costs a small fortune. With tweaks over the years, original formulas might not be exactly the same but classic vintage perfumes never go out of style.

During the Regency period of the early 1800s, Empress Josephine was known for her daring necklines and empire waist gowns. It is believed she commissioned The House of Houbigant to create her perfume. Capture her romantic and imperial style with Quelques Fleurs, a blend of soft, sensual florals created in 1912 redolent of orange blossom, orchids, carnations and roses with a ambery drydown.  Quelques Fleurs’ longevity and timeless popularity are indisputable and is at the top of our list for best vintage perfumes.

The Roaring 20s was the age of women’s emancipation and young ladies known as flappers wore short skirts, men’s trousers, cut their long hair and danced the Charleston. Men wore tuxedos, went to speakeasies where they caroused until dawn while listening to the newest musical rage… Jazz. Mae West said it best: “Let’s get out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini”.  The bottle of Rochas Femme ,  a fruity chypre by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska was modeled on Mae’s voluptuous figure by designer Marcel Rochas.  Guerlain’sShalimar Perfume created in 1925 by the iconic perfumer Jacques Guerlain, was the most scandalous perfume of its time. It is also considered the first Oriental and  is one of the best vintage perfumes of  the century.  Women fell for Rudolph Valentino brooding looks, but it was Ernest Hemingway’s sporty, masculine style that was emblematic of the era. Havana by Aramis might have been composed in 1994, but this boozy, tobacco infused cologne is as sensual and masculine as “Papa”.

The 1930s  was the time of the Great Depression. Perfume and was a luxury. Yet,  men and women saved their pare money  and chances  men bought the  classic 1930s men’s cologne, the  invigorating and bracing Old Spice.  Chances are your grandfather, dad, uncle and  today your son (thanks to Deon Cole of  the show “Blackish“) wear this  masculine musky fragrance, with its hints of tobacco and leather.

The 1950s was an era of everyday glamour, when women wore gloves and never left the house without makeup. The little black dress made its appearance on housewives and movie stars alike and men wore open necked shirts and slim cut pants. It was also a time for rebellion, the beginning of rock and roll and young men emulated James Dean in blue jeans and leather jackets as young girls wore pedal pushers and as Elvis gyrated on the stage. To capture the grace of the 50s try vintage perfumes like, L’air Du Temps, a soft and romantic  floral.  With its carnation heart and iris notes  with peach nuances L’Air du Temps might have been worn by Doris Day or Grace Kelly. The memorable bottle with its intertwining winged dove stopper is one of the most recognizable ever created.

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