Best Perfumes For Mother’s Day

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you choose a fragrance she’s sure to cherish? Selecting a fragrance for your mother can be a daunting task, but giving your mother a scent that she will love isn’t as difficult as it seems.  At we recommend taking into account her style, her favorite flowers, and her personality in selecting a perfume she will wear over and over again. Which best describes your mother?

Sophisticated Lady:  Elegant, chic, she loves the arts, fine wine and classical music, mom loves to travel and feels as at home in Paris, Marrakech and New York. Worth Je Reviens when translated means “I am returning” symbolizes both the past and the present.  Created in 1932, Je Reviens is one of the rare perfumes to focus on narcissus. Sparkling aldehydes and spicy clove meet in a fragrance she will return to again and again.

Wonder Woman: How does she do it? A full time job, quality time with her children and delicious meals prepared with love. Her costume is a business suit during the week and jeans on the weekend. She’s as rare as a diamond so give her Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Night your mother with this beautiful white floral that has a dual nature- the femininity of jasmine, juicy peach accented with a touch of resinous smoke.  

 Isn’t She Romantic: Your Mom still holds hands with Dad and is forever the optimist.  She cries at weddings and has seen Silver Linings Playbook at least 6x. Gift her with Ralph Lauren Romance with notes of white musk, rose and chamomile.

In Victorian days, secret messages were passed by sending a flower; sending your beloved a sprig of lily of the valley meant the return to love. Also known as muguet, lily of the valley is forever the flower of May, and her special day. Mom will feel like a heroine from her favorite romance novel wafting Penhaligon’s London Lily of the Valley a deceptively delicate soliflore with a dusky oak moss dry down.

 Forever Young: Maybe you are getting a little tired of telling strangers that Mom Is NOT your sister. Gift your Mom with Elizabeth and James White: a trendy scent from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Fresh  peony,  soft muguet and tender skin-musk  in a bottle that looks like an antique clutch  willappeal to Mom’s need for what’s new and note-worthy.

Flower Child:  Your Mother’s garden is her escape and her chance to express her creativity. She nurtures the tender shoots that miraculously become a multi-sensorial delight of beauty and fragrance.  Give her flowers that will never wilt with Beautiful Garden . This exquisite honeyed floral scent is lush with ylang, mandarin and soft jasmine

Fashionista Perfumista. Fashion and Fragrance have gone hand in hand since Marie Antoinette spent a fortune on a wardrobe master and a personal perfumer. Your mom has a singular sense of style and is the epitome of chic. Tom Ford White Suede was created by Tom Ford, one of the world’s greatest designers.  A distinctive flacon holds a beautiful blend of rose, saffron and a touch of tea. White Suede is haute couture for the nose.

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