Best Green Fragrances

With the first signs of Spring, our reveries turn to the color green. The aromas of fresh herbs, meadow grass, and the first flowers begin to blossom in the garden.  Whether bright and leafy, clean and crisp or dark and earthy, there is a green scent for everyone.  Green scents cross gender lines and work beautifully on both men and women. It’s easy to wear green at

In 1947, the first woman perfumer, Germaine Cellier created  Balmain Vent Vert, with its pungent top note of galbanum piercing a heart of breath taking florally. The modern version was created by another female perfumer, Nathalie Feisthauer, who composes a green  perfume that is a burst of fresh greens – crushed stems, leaves, cut grass, and sage. Musk and florals interweave with lime and Vent Vert feels like a soft, gentle breeze.

There is nothing as soothing as a cup of Green tea.  Elizabeth Arden Green Tea with its burst of bergomot is brightened by light jasmine and green tea notes. The earthy oakmoss base brings the tea ceremony full circle. What to wear when you want to feel like the sun is shining through the clouds.

Unsure if you like green fragrances? A good perfume to start with is Calyx by Estee Lauder. Fresh green leaves blend with mandarin, grapefruit and juicy apricot. Light and dewy, Calyx brings to mind a light spring shower and  the lily of the valley adds a feminine touch.

 Guerlain Vetiver: According to our sources, the original formula hasn’t been changed substantially since its debut in 1961.  Marketed as a men’s scent the smoky earthy green roots with a dash of citrus is beautiful on a woman, fresh and fantastic.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver explores  the lighter, sunnier side of vetiver and adds grapefruit and lemonfor a bright opening, punctuated by pepper. With a hint spice and clean woody aroma of cedarwood at the drydown. Tom Ford creates some of the classiest scents around and Grey Vetiver is for a man who’s dressed to impress..

 March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. A day when everyone is Irish,  the streets are painted green, rivers are dyed green and there's no better day to wear a green cologne. Lads and Lassies, it’s time to  get out your Green Irish tweed by Creed, a  sporty fougere, the color of a shamrock with citrus and violet leaves  that brightens your day. This classic was worn by the great actors  Cary Grant and Robert Redford .And that's no Blarney.

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