Best Designer Perfume Flankers for Women

Best designer flankers for women

 In the world of fragrance, there is a mother ‘perfume’ and often a ‘daughter’ follows. The correct term is flankers and they are created to appeal to a younger audience or add a twist to the original. No matter what they share the same DNA. chose our favorites flankers for women, keeping it all in the family.

Best Angle perfume flankers

Angel by Thierry Mugler was the first perfume to be classified as a gourmand scent, with notes of caramel and cotton candy reminding designer Thierry Mugler of his childhood. This one iconic fragrance gave birth to many flankers. One of our favorite Angel flankers is Angel Innocent Perfume which lightens up the sweet notes and is a younger more sparkling version of the original, with mandarin and a soft musk drydown. Or try the very modern Angel Muse which adds a green grassy vetiver to the mouthwatering treat.

Ange Ou Demon Perfume by Givenchy in French means angel or devil; and is a bold “floriental” fragrance with notes of lily and orchid that commands attention. One of our favorite flankers in the collection is Ange Ou Demon Le Secret which adds nuances of green tea and lemon for a perfect lighter version of this sensual scent.

White Linen by Estee Lauder was launched in the 1970s and is still a favorite with its crisp citrus and floral notes of rose, grapefruit and jasmine. White Line Pure was created 30 years later and is a brighter more modern interpretation with notes of freesia, white ginger and honeysuckle.

White Diamonds from Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first celebrity perfumes created for one of Hollywood’s most glamorous movie star. This white floral bouquet launched in 1991 and was composed by Carlos Benaim. It has top notes of lily; a heart of rose, narcissus, jasmine, and tuberose; and a base of oakmoss and sandalwood. White Diamonds Night is deeper with sensual resinous base notes and Sparkling White Diamonds adds peach and powdery notes. These two flankers highlight different aspects of La Liz’s debut perfume…. like the moon and the sun revolving around the sparkle of the Original Star.

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