Best 2012 Christmas Holiday Colognes for Men

Happy holidays! The season of gift giving is upon us and once again it is time to show our appreciation to the special men in our lives. Dear old dad does not need another tie and the gift of underwear and socks is best saved for mom to fulfill. I’m thinking fragrances….a nice cologne will bring a smile to any man’s face and who doesn’t want to see him beam? Your friends at have come up with a list of favorites that are sure to please. Happy holidays from your friends at!

Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian cologne

Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian cologne for men

Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian was launched in 1979 by a couple of guys from the good oleUSA. Among the best selling men’s fragrances of the last 30 years this cologne has definitely stood the test of time and is as relevant then and it is now. The perfect blend of amber, jasmine, lavender, musk, rose and sage infused with soft musks and woods makes this undeniably masculine scent irresistible. Unsure if this is the scent for your man? Not a problem as carries it in various sizes and formulations—2.0 oz cologne spray and EDC splash, 4.0 oz aftershave lotion, balm and cologne spray as well as 8.0 oz splash.

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss Cologne for Men

Boss Bottled Night

A relative new comer to the cologne scene Boss Bottled Night was released July 2010 and is perfect for the active and energetic man. Lavender and birch opens this cologne mixing nicely with a heart violets while intense masculine woods and warm musk rounds off this fragrance. Housed in a sensual midnight blue bottle with black gradations this scent is every bit as noteworthy as its sister scents Boss Bottled and Boss #6.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Cologne for Men by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)

Released in 1995, Le Male immediately put bad boy fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier on the fragrance map. Built on contrasts—strong and masculine but unwittingly sensual, traditional yet refreshingly new—this fragrance in its very masculine shaped bottle and outfitted in a sailor’s t-shirt is the perfect embodiment of all that is Jean Paul Gaultier—dare to be more than just one man. A blend of lavender, orange blossom and mint on a soft bed of woods touched by cinnamon, cumin, vanilla and the tonka bean gives this very masculine scent just the right touch of warmth and sensuality.

Halston 1-12 by Halston

Halston 1-12 by Halston Cologne for Men

Halston 1-12

From the house of Halston comes one of the most popular colognes today, Halston 1-12. Released in 1976 this classic green scent is clean and crisp with notes of lime accented by neroli, tangerine and patchouli tied together by warm wooden tones.

Masculine yet subtly sweet this fragrance has a certain charm that is imposing while not being outwardly so, all the while being gentle and sober.

Perfect for day to day wear this simple yet sexy manly classic never goes out of fashion.

Erolfa by Creed

Erolfa by Creed cologne for men

Erolfa (Creed)

From the family Creed comes Erolfa which is an ode to the world’s only privately held luxury perfume house. Founded in 1760 the dynasty is currently in the hands of the sixth generation with Erolfa paying homage to the seventh—“ER” represents Erwin the seventh generation nose and future head of the house, “OL” is for Olivia his sister and visual artist for the company while “FA” stands for Fabienne their mother. Introduced in 1992 this fragrance finds its beginnings in family outings on the Mediterranean where the salty sea air mixes with the fragrant breezes from ashore. Ambergris, bergamot, tangerine and sandalwood with a slight salty kick make this cologne very smooth and classy—a memorable and classy scent perfect for any man.

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