A Guide to Women’s Perfume

A Guide to Women’s Perfume

Women's perfume

Women spraying perfume

Ask anyone about what comes to mind when you mention women’s perfume and they would most likely say overpowering flowery scents. As most women’s perfumes have strong flowery tones that is fair to say, however, perfumes for women today are more varied and stylized than that of our mothers and grandmothers.

Citrus is a popular note now a-days as is exotic spices and other fruits. The traditionally manly tones of wood, musk and elements that remind us of the outdoors such as the sea, wind and earth are becoming more and more common in perfumes for women and give them a totally different twist entirely.

Perfumes also come in a lot of different forms now such as sprays, splashes, soaps, moisturizing lotions and even body washes. And as always there is the price factor. Of course there is the ultra expensive stuff made from the finest ingredients and that is cool—the trick here is to find a place that sells the expensive stuff at discount prices (Perfume.com comes to mind). Having said that, the cheaper stuff can be just as good if it gels with the body chemistry of the person wearing it.

Still unsure what route to take? How about a gift set? Sets often come with a variety of products packaged together like a perfume, dusting powder, moisturizing lotion or body wash. Not only are there a variety of items to try, they usually come packaged in a nice reusable carrying bag or keepsake box with a bonus gift such a keychain, soap dish or other branded memento.

Regardless of what route you choose to take and whether this is for yourself or as a gift, keep in mind that fragrances have come a long way in recent years and is continually evolving. The most import thing is to find something that works and that meets the approval of everyone—the person wearing it and the people smelling it!

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