A Fresh Start

Spring is finally here and thankfully the harsh winter weather is giving way to warm breezes, shining sun and blossoming greenery. This long awaited seasonal shift is much welcomed and this change often sparks in us the need to “spring clean”. The warm weather motivates us to get up and overhaul our lives. From cleaning out your home to revamping your wardrobe, now is the time for a fresh start. A change in your fragrance repertoire can be the perfect first step to brighten up your mood and freshen up your style for this transition in seasons.

As the weather starts to heat up; you may notice that your everyday go to fragrance is beginning to smell differently on your skin. The change can seem very subtle or it can be drastic to the point where your beloved scent is no longer recognizable. It is not your imagination! Fragrances can be perceived completely differently depending upon the weather and the body chemistry of the wearer.

This change is especially noticeable with heavier fragrances that tend to comfort us during the colder months; full of sugar and spice, they may become a bit cloying as the weather warms. The most common effect is that as your body heat increases, the perfume molecules will bounce off of your skin more quickly creating a stronger smell initially but wearing off more rapidly.  It can be upsetting for your favorite scent to suddenly become what seems like a cacophony of offensive odors or to have to continuously apply your fragrance to get any sort of scent to stay on your skin. The solution is simple: applying a lighter fragrance more frequently throughout the day will create a more subtle and lasting aura, much more compatible with a rise in temperature and humidity.

If you are unsure how to go about freshening up your fragrance wardrobe, here are some of my favorite picks for spring to help you get started:


W100858TTommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Notes: Lemon, honeysuckle, rose, mint, lily and grapefruit

Classic, upbeat and casual; this is a beautifully blended light scent that is inoffensive and long lasting. The dry down is very clean and wearable in any setting from work to play making it a perfect go-to spring scent for women of all ages.



DKDEL34WBe Delicious by Donna Karan

Notes: Green apple, cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia

Like a bite into a crisp green apple, this fragrance is refreshing and juicy. There is a fruity sweetness to the scent that is complemented by the smooth green dry down so that the sweeter elements are not too overpowering. This fragrance can be worn at the gym or during long days at the beach and will keep you smelling fresh throughout it all.

34WEADSU Eau Du Sud by Annick Goutal

Notes: Lemon verbena, lime, basil, grapefruit, oak moss, mint

Not your typical spring floral, this sophisticated citrus is an exquisite accessory for warm weather. This classy fragrance is fitting for drinks by the pool or long walks on the beach. Feminine and sunny, this lovely scent will brighten up your day with its tangy citrus blended with the undeniable herbal delight of basil and mint.



CPOP34WCoach Poppy by Coach

Notes: Sweet Notes, Cucumber, Marshmallow, mandarin orange, vanilla, freesia

If you’re not ready to give up the gourmand just yet, this sugary gem is perfect for spring. The mouthwatering candy elements are mellowed by the crisp surprising cucumber note as to not become too overwhelming in the warmer weather. Definitely for those who prefer their scents on the sweeter side and want a fresh floral scent with a candy kick.


UJTTS33Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermes

Notes: Clementine, mandarin orange, basil, bitter orange, orange blossom, green tea, chamomile

Nothing says spring time like a beautiful, blooming garden. This gorgeous unisex scent brings to life the fragrant aroma of a blossoming rooftop garden filled with flowers, fruits, herbs and greenery.




AFAR34MAqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Notes: Grapefruit, violet, leather, mint, basil, mandarin, vetiver

This citrusy twist on the original Dior Fahrenheit is a great go-to scent for the warmer months. There is an initial refreshing blast of invigorating grapefruit that is evened out by the soothing herbal green undertone. This scent is undeniably masculine and very versatile.



DHSPOMDior Homme Sport by Christian Dior

Notes: Lemon, ginger, grapefruit, bergamot, vetiver, lavender, elemi resin, cedar, sandalwood, rosemary

The opening burst of fresh, natural citrus wakes you up and jolts your senses. There is a distinct and unique ginger note balanced by the woodsy base notes. This fragrance is very clean and can be worn casually as well as in a more formal setting.




M130328LL’eau D’issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Notes: Yuzu, lemon, blue lotus, vetiver, nutmeg, bergamot, mandarin orange

This is a clean, comfortable, easygoing scent. The herbal elements of this fragrance such as mint and basil make it extraordinarily refreshing and will keep you smelling sharp throughout the day. This is a great go to fragrance for men of all ages.


Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Notes: Neroli, chamomile, petitgrain, basil

This is a uniquely blended aromatic citrus scent perfect for warm spring days. This may not be considered a typically macho fragrance but more of a sweet, approachable and bright scent for men who aren’t intimidated by florals. Definitely a great pick to shake up your fragrance wardrobe and intrigue those around you.



GPH2MGucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

Notes: Black tea, cinnamon, violet leaf, tobacco leaf, pimento, bergamot, musk, olive tree

This relaxing fragrance contains bold notes that are typical of masculine scents but is blended in such a way that makes it light enough for spring but still with spicy kick to it. It is warm but in no way overwhelming or offensive, most definitely attractive and unique.



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