Why are Thierry Mugler perfumes so popular with young millennial women and men. What are the best Thierry Mugler perfumes of all time? Buy authentic Thierry Mugler perfumes for less at perfume.com

Why are Dior perfumes so highly in demand and what makes them special? What are the best Dior fragrances 2021 and colognes for women and men

Grapefruit is one of the most important citrus ingredients in women’s perfumes and is used with other citruses like bergamot, lemon and mandarin orange. It adds a slightly tart aroma to fragrances that are overly sweet and pairs well with mint and fruity notes. Pink Grapefruit smells less bitter and a touch sweeter and juicier.

Why are Fougères so popular with men? Fougere means fern in French and is one most dominant classification in the modern age of perfumery.

Known for its heady aroma, tuberose is the queen of white florals. Known as the flower of secret pleasures, explore our favorites perfume.com

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